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We are especially proud of the fact that we don't use any international halls of residence. It might sound quite daunting at first, but we know that providing each student with a carefully selected family leads to a much more fulfilling and memorable experience. If you entrust your child to us we will ensure they are cared for in a loving home which will provide a rich tapestry of cultural experiences as well as a fantastic level of support in developing their English skills.

Most of our host families have had children attend our college so are ideally placed to offer practical help and guidance on a range of matters.

Once you have decided you would like to study at King Edward's we will work with you to understand the type of family environment which will best suit your needs. All our host families are fully trained and vetted and all accommodation is checked to make sure all the facilities you would expect are fully available.

As standard, each student will have at least a private bedroom including the following:

Bed linen
Desk and chair
Wardrobe / drawer space
Adequate heating
Adequate lighting
Internet Access

Students will be treated as ‘part of the family’ and will have free access to washing / ironing facilities and the fridge!

"My host family taught me so much more about England than I ever thought possible - and I love our trips out for a British 'Sunday Roast Dinner'!" (Molly Hwang from S. Korea)

“Right from the start my host family were involved and interested in my life. I don’t feel homesick because of this. Sue is my mom away from home!” (Seun Osim from Nigeria)

“It really helped knowing about my host family before I arrived. They ‘friended’ me on Facebook so I felt I knew a lot about them already!” (Sofya Khokhlova from Russia)