Teaching and Learning Methods on our Courses

A variety of approaches to teaching and learning will be used to reflect the academic level: the Diploma in HE programme is designed in the first year to introduce you to the requirements of academic writing at level 4 and in the Second year to lead you towards critical analysis at level 5.

It is recognised that students will bring a diversity of experience, knowledge and cultural values which provides a rich foundation from which to move forward. Consequently the choice and variety of teaching methods introduced into the course will be reflected not only in the subject matter to be shared but also in consideration of individual student needs. Learning will be achieved by attending a number of lead lectures and seminars at the college for each module as well as through the completion of Learning Journals, peer group discussions, individual tutorials with the your tutor and through the use of online materials such as extracts from key texts, work-related exercises and case studies.

Your learning will also be supported by technology. Increasingly tutors will use existing and emerging learning technologies to engage you in e-learning activities. Your programme will be taught using a variety of media and online tools (Virtual Learning Environment, internet sources etc.), which will allow you flexible access to a diverse range of online resources, quizzes and learning materials as well as collaborative tools with which you can engage and learn with your peers. You will be able to take part in online discussions and learning activities from wherever you are studying. The aim is to encourage you to seek out information and develop the skill to select and synthesise relevant information. Engaging with e-learning will also help you to develop skills which are essential for your learning and are also highly valued by employers.

All students will complete a Learning Journal during their course.  A Learning Journal is a method of reflecting on the learning which has taken place during a period of time. Students are encouraged to build up their Learning Journals on a weekly basis reflecting on what they have learnt both in the class room and through their own research and also reflecting on the emotions the learning process has triggered.  Reflection on what has been learnt alongside the emotional reactions and considering questions such as ‘Why do I do this, ‘Why do I feel like this?’, ‘Why did this happen?, promotes learning at a deeper level across all of your studies.