Because we are keen to engage with undergraduate students who might not otherwise consider university as an option for them, we are committed to keeping our fees low.

In a context where universities charge around £9,000 per year in fees, our fees for undergraduate study will always be substantially lower and our courses will be designed to provide an opportunity for students to work alongside their studies and supplement their income in this way.

Please contact our HE Manager Sarah White (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for detailed information about fees for each HE course offered.


Assistance with fees and living costs:

To cover the costs of studying you can apply for:

  • Tuition Fee Loan - to cover your tuition fees in full (Full Time & Part Time Students)
  • Maintenance Loan - for living costs, like rent (Full Time Students only)
  • Maintenance Grant - if your household income is less than £42,600 per annum (Full Time Students only)
  • Extra financial help - if you have a disability or children or adults depending on you