Welcome to the Faculty of Literature, Languages and Creative Arts. The faculty encompasses a wide range of subjects and all faculty staff share the same ethos of providing quality teaching and learning experiences, supporting and encouraging individual creativity and promoting academic excellence.

Students are often passionate about the subjects within the faculty and dedicate great time and energy in pursuing excellence. Many of the subjects demand additional commitment outside of the classroom such as performing arts rehearsals, subject workshops and editing and refining of creative work.

A word from Iain Estell, head of faculty

“One of the most exciting things about working at King Edward’s is the dedication and commitment of our students. Many of the subjects in the Faculty of Literature, Languages and Creative Arts achieve examination results which easily surpass national benchmarks and the outstanding feedback from student questionnaires reflects the passion and enthusiasm of our staff. The performance and enrichment work is outstanding, with an unrivalled range of superb events and shows”.