The college maintains its position as one of the very best in the country, with pass rates of 99.5% for subject-based A levels and 99.2% including General Studies, in comparison with the national pass rate of 98%. Half of the students receiving their A level results today walked away with a prized A or A* grade, with two thirds of passes in subject based A levels at grades A*, A or B, in comparison with 52.6% nationwide. There were 100% pass rates in 38 subjects and A*/A/B pass rates of 60% or more in 31 subjects, resulting in 60 students getting four or more A or A* grades at A level and 130 students gaining 3 or more A grades. Every year 13 student at the Lower High St college gained two or more passes.


Outstanding individual performances included Alice Childs (Thorns), Matthew Fenn (Pedmore) and Kathryn Stewart (Summerhill) who all gained A* passes in all four of their subjects.In all, seventeen students passed 5 or more subjects at grade A or A*. These were:


Lucy Bagley (Summerhill)

Zoe Preston (Summerhill)

Leah Cleaver (Heathfield)

Lucy Shaughnessy (King Edward VI Handsworth)

Joseph Brown (Edgecliff)

Stephen Hill (Bristnall Hall)

Lewis Reynolds (Wolverley)

Thomas Stanley (Windsor)

Dirk-Jan Theuns (Windsor)

Samantha Wheeler (Thorns)

Grace Hadley (Redhill)

Danielle Poole (High Arcal)

Funmilayo Olubiyo (St Peter’s Collegiate)

Natalia Turton (Bristnall Hall)

Rebecca Woolls (Earls)

Kennedy Bloomer (Thorns)

Kelly Senior (Perryfields)


King Edward’s AS level students also excelled, with a pass rate of 95.5% (national pass rate 88.4%) and an A/B rate of 51.2% (39.6% nationally).


Principal Sharon Phillips described the results as “truly outstanding - the students have worked so hard and I am delighted that they have the results they deserve”. She paid tribute to the hard work and professionalism of King Edward’s staff, adding “the staff have done their best to support each and every student”.