“S**T” takes readers through the absurdly true-life bizarre events that befall five student civil engineers

DATELINE – From author Roy Dainty comes S**T (published by AuthorHouse), a convulsively hysterical true-life account of the hilariously silly and amorous escapades of five student civil engineers. The events that transpired are quite bizarre, often extremely embarrassing, mostly funny but sometimes scary. The shocking exploits of this madcap bunch is certain to amuse readers.

Five student civil engineers, including author Roy Dainty, find themselves caught up in a series of outrageous capers. No students have ever been more challenged by events than these featured in ‘S**T’. They fall in it, get covered in it, and cause it. Events kick off with Roy breaking into the sewers of Southampton, disastrously, before all five return to London for university in February 1973, only to be sent off to geology and surveying field courses in Swaledale and Folkestone where havoc reins.

Together with his four fellow students, Geoff, John, Dick and Steve, it takes readers through the absurdly out of the ordinary events that put them in deep, serious trouble. Making love on a collapsible camp bed, being attacked by bullocks, getting lost in a snowstorm, battling the army, peeing off a church tower and embedding Steve’s car into a water meadow are just some of the less chaotic events.

Perusing through the pages of this book, readers will identify with the characters as they reminisce the foolhardy days of college. Such off-the-wall deeds—no matter how ridiculous, and even embarrassing—when recalled turn out to be mere fall-down funny stories as they lift the spirits, knowing that experiences mould one to become better.

With stories that are truly unique and uniquely true, S**T is an infectiously entertaining read.

About the Author

Roy Dainty grew up in Stourbridge, Worcestershire, where he attended King Edward VI Grammar School. At age seventeen, the careers master advised him, ‘Your choices are computing or electronics.’ He chose civil engineering, obtaining sponsorship from George Wimpey Ltd., then the World’s largest civil engineering company, which enrolled him in a five-year sandwich degree at The City University, London.

By the time he was 21, he’d been nearly blown up and had flown the side of a Welsh mountain in a wingless Land Rover. Civil Engineering was proving too dangerous a career. Via the Civil Service, he moved into IT management and consultancy in the ‘80s. In 2008, he returned to City University where he was appointed honorary Visiting Professor in ICT for its MSc in Construction Management. For more about Roy and some abstracts from S**T, visit www.roydainty.com