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Social Science
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We are very excited about our new Diploma in Social Sciences course here at King Ed’s – and we hope that you will be too!

Drawing on the academic disciplines of Psychology, Sociology and Political Philosophy (PSP), our aim is to provide an academically rigorous but broad-ranging course which will allow you to study people; their behaviour, the reasons for some of their actions, the constraints on their behaviour and the ways in which individuals function as part of society.

An important part of the course will be focusing on the research methods and statistical tools that are used by social scientists to make judgements about people’s behaviour. Our approach will be to blend this methodology with the theoretical underpinnings of topics such as whether we should take conflict or consensus as a starting point in judging behaviour (sociology), whether we can adequately define ‘self’ (psychology) and what difference one individual can make to society (philosophy).

Another main focus for the course will be your opportunity to extend your research skills and/or work practices through our investigative study and work-based modules.

We aim to support your learning in every possible way. Every week you will attend a tutorial session in addition to taught lectures, seminars and workshops. We want to get you to a position where, if you chose, you will be able to progress to the third year of the Social Sciences degree course at the University of Middlesex or be able to make applications to some local Universities to complete a Psychology, Sociology or joint honours degree.

You do not have to have achieved any prior level (eg A Levels) in any of the core PSP subjects to be a successful applicant to this course: at interview we will discuss your understanding of the subjects and your motivation for wanting to know more about them.

Take a look at the modules we will be offering to see if they take your fancy!