DipHE courses:

Media and Culture

Social Science
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The DipHE in Media and Cultural Studies is ideal for people who are interested in the way the media works, and for those who currently enjoy a variety of media texts and artefacts; or those who have been working in media-related industries. On the course you will learn to critically analyse media forms including: film, television, advertising, newspapers, and the internet. You will investigate and interpret specific examples of these media forms in relation to complex cultural debates, for example globalisation and consumerism. The course will encourage you to challenge assumptions, and will enable you to develop knowledge of a variety of analytical toolkits, which you will use to ‘read’ culture and the media in new ways. You will be taught by qualified media experts who have experience of scholarly research, creative practice and the practical context of the media industry. The Media and Cultural Studies staff are committed to providing excellence in teaching, and enabling students to become confident autonomous learners.

The DipHE in Media and Cultural Studies has been designed to provide students with an exciting and challenging course which will enable you to adopt an in-depth, critical approach to understanding the production, distribution and reception of media products, whilst also evaluating the wider social, political and historical context which informs them. You will have the opportunity to explore Western cultural norms and practices, in order to develop a knowledge and understanding of the society we live in and the cultural groups we belong to. There will also be opportunities to compare this culture with diverse world cultures, acknowledging global sociological and political issues and controversies.  

Our DipHE in Media and Cultural Studies has been designed with the industry in mind, meaning students will develop the skills and understanding to be effective in the media / creative work place. We also encourage our students to undertake work experience, as the media is a highly competitive industry. This first-hand experience can make you more employable. We have experienced staff at the college who can help you arrange work placements.   Our modules are multi-disciplinary and actively encourage critical thinking, independent learning, creativity and collaboration.