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International Student Ambassador


You Jung Hwang. My friends call me ‘Molly’.


South Korean

Previous Schools:

Daeil Foreign Language High School (S. Korea)

Subjects at College:

Mathematics , Economics, Human Biology and Psychology.

Favourite Subject?

Tough question. Psychology because I get on so well with all the other student in my class and I want to major in Psychology at university. I’m also really enjoying my additional English support lessons. Spending time one to one with a specialist tutor each week is really helping develop my ability to write essays in English.

Why King Edward’s?

I researched the top 8 colleges in the UK, according to government league tables. I really liked the King Edward’s website so decided to apply. After discussing my course options via a Skype interview I just knew it was the place for me.

Where next?

I plan to study Psychology at a British university. My real passion is the application of psychology within the media.

What do you most enjoy about college life?

I enjoy all my lessons and especially love spending time with all my new college friends, I’m even teaching them to speak a few words in Korean and next week we’re off to a German market!

How is your accommodation?

Good. I have my own room in a house with a family who live close to college. I work in my room on the laptop the college have provided for me. I'm really lucky, my host family is the best I've ever had, they take me to their parents’ houses so I get to meet three generations of the same family as well as gaining lots of cultural experiences such as a traditional ‘Sunday Dinner’ (Roast beef, Yorkshire pudding...)

Next Challenge?

I’m one of a small group of students helping develop the use of Facebook and Twitter within the college, I’m also looking forward to mentoring other international students next year.