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Guillaume Noury

International Student Ambassador



Previous Schools:

Shrewsbury International (Thailand) and GEMS Wellington International (Dubai)

Subjects at College:

Accounting, Business Studies, Communications and Culture and Mathematics with Statistics.

Favourite Subject?

All my tutors are great but Accounting and Maths are my favourite subjects, I like the satisfaction I get having solved a problem using logic.

Why King Edward’s?

I heard really good things about the college from former students so applied online. My Skype interview and all the information I received whilst still in Dubai made this my first choice. I knew I’d be happy here.

Where next?

I plan to study Hospitality Management at university then travel the world. I want to work with lots of people from differing backgrounds and cultures whilst organising high profile international conferences and events.

What do you most enjoy about college life?

I love being part of a college that is so diverse and accepting of other cultures. All the students are great and there is always so much going on.

Next Challenge?

I’m really looking forward to being a mentor for other international students next year. I want to help others settle in quickly as well as develop my own network of friends from across the world.