Thank you for considering King Edward’s.  Because the college is very over-subscribed we cannot, unfortunately, accept all students who apply.  We select students through an inclusive recruitment process which identifies able students with ambition and potential who can benefit most from our curriculum, including, through our Access to King Edward’s (A2K) scheme, students with potential to be successful, but whose life circumstances have led to lower achievement than would be usual for an A level student.

When deciding who to interview all applicants are considered on the basis of the information contained in their application form and their school reference.

When deciding who to offer a place all applicants who were interviewed are considered on the basis of information contained in their application form and their school reference, in addition to information gathered during the interview.

The application process incorporates high quality and impartial information, advice and guidance throughout. It is designed to be as clear, transparent and supportive as possible to all applicants.

We do let every applicant know the outcome of their application and interview, however this can take time given each decision is considered carefully by at least two of our team of staff who manage the application process. The length of time taken before we reach a decision to interview or offer does vary between each applicant, this is due to many factors including the need to seek the opinions of specific tutors, perhaps for subject specific guidance, or to gain additional information from an applicants’ school.  Please rest assured that we will reply to every applicant.

Applications received: 16th October – 6th February
Interviews conducted: November Onwards
Interview decisions: Interviewed applicants will be advised as soon as possible and no later than 17th April
Deadline for receipt of Appeals 29th April
Appeal decisions communicated 29th May