Access to King Edward’s:

As an over-subscribed college we are, unfortunately, not able to accept every student who applies, despite being very impressed by the calibre of applicants wishing to join King Edward’s each year.

When deciding which applicants to accept our policy is to offer places to able students with ambition and potential who we believe can benefit most from a place at our college. When making these decisions we take in to account numerous factors including each applicant’s personal statement, their confidential school reference, predicted grades and, for those we interview, their performance during the interview.

We recognise that some applicants have potential that might not be fully reflected in their predicted grades for a variety of circumstances including recent serious illness, family relocation, or significant family difficulties.

If you believe events beyond your control will cause your year 11 exam results to be lower than would otherwise have been the case you are encouraged to complete an A2K (Access to King Edward’s) form explaining the reasons for this dip in performance and stating why your next two years of study will not be similarly affected. You then need to pass your completed form, along with your application form, to your nominated school contact.

Additional Learning Support Needs:

As a socially inclusive college for academically able and ambitious students King Edward’s recognises the special talents that students with additional learning needs often bring. The college encourages and welcomes applications from students with additional learning needs. Our application form requires all applicants to disclose any learning support needs they might have in order to enable the college to provide the best possible support, from point of application right through our interview process, teaching, and beyond. Applicants with additional learning needs are asked to complete our Learning Support form to identify the type of additional support they currently receive in addition to any changes that they feel might be beneficial. All information provided will be treated sensitively and used to help the college plan the best possible support for each individual student, once an offer decision has been made.

Our Learning Support Team