Following on from the formal prize evening in the previous week, on Tuesday 13 November the College held a less formal commendations event for students who had made outstanding contributions and effort in the first eight weeks of the Autumn term.

Chair of Governors, John Hodt gave out certificates and prizes to 22 students who had either made significant progress in subject areas or had made significant contributions to the college community.

Congratulations go to the following students:

Cameron Enfield: Consistently strong work ethic in Philosophy

Flynn Corton: Outstanding work in music composition.

Alicia Mahal: A successful year in Religious Studies.

Maisie Marsh: Outstanding progress in Economics

Rebecca Lewis: Work in Biology and contribution at open events.

Matt Bradley: Excellent progress and commitment in Computer Science.

Issy Khogali: Producing a high standard of work in Drama.

Daniel Harris: Exceptional high standard of work in Further Maths.

Wing Koon: Excellent standard of work and effort in Chemistry.

Ethan Townsend: Work in Geography.

Dylan Welch-Palmer : Work in Law.

Sophie Bradshaw: Dedicated and enthusiastic work in Textiles.

Oliver Williams: Outstanding contribution at open events.

Sophie Edwards: Exceptional academic progress overall.

Imogen Westwood: Outstanding commitment and standard of work.

Steph Faulkner: Successful organisation of fundraising activities within the student union.

Leah Westwood: Exceptional academic progress and invaluable contributions at admissions events.

Oscar Bramhill: Recognition for excellent attitude and resilience during work placement at Nicklin Accountants.

Hannah Westwood: Exceptional academic progress and invaluable contributions at admissions events

Eloise Hunt: Success in the Trinity College Linguistics Essay Competition

Ellis Cox: Significant progress in Accounting.

Kael Baker: Achieving exceptional attendance.