On 1 March Ajay and Claire took 21 Media studies, Business and French students (predominantly year 13) on a 3-night stay to Euro Disney. The main aim of the trip was to attend the 'Media LIVE!' and 'Business LIVE!' events which ran on Monday 2 March. Both conferences are specifically tailored around A level programs with speakers and topics which are relevant to the examination and careers in those industries. This year was no exception with a list of excellent and engaging speakers. For the other full day of the trip students ventured into Paris and experienced some of the culture of the city. French students also got a chance to practice their use of language. Staff and students enjoyed a boat trip on the Seine to see some of the beautiful scenery and 9 students went up to the top of the Eiffel tower. The group stayed in Disney at the wild west Cheyanne themed hotel and enjoyed some of the Disney magic! The whole trip was an interesting and engaging experience and very useful in terms of students' A Level subjects.

On Monday 9 March, 48 Psychology students attended a 'Psychology LIVE!' conference at Disneyland Paris. 3 interactive lectures were delivered by 3 specialists in the following fields; Forensic & Criminological Psychology, Cognitive Psychology and Clinical Hypnosis, where the experts demonstrated the valuable applications psychological research has to today's society. This led into a Q&A session for students to find out more about their research areas as well as career pathways into such professions. The students then had the opportunity to get hands on and complete 6 experiments around the Disneyland park, for which they wrote up their findings in the style of a scientific report. All students found this to be an invaluable experience, having left with broadened knowledge and new-found interests in topic areas beyond the teaching spec.

Many thanks to all staff who helped to make these visits possible, and to the students for their impeccable behaviour while representing the college.