Friday 20th September 2019

Mashal Shakeel, Year 13, a King Ed's A level Religious Studies student, regularly takes part in competitive speaking events organised by her religious community, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association. Last weekend she represented the Midland region in their annual academic speaking conference. Mashal was delighted when she learned that the topic for the question that isn't known until the day of the competition, coincidentally related to her current studies at college.

Mashal said: "On Sunday 15 September 2019, I attended a National academic competition organised by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association, held in Hampshire. More than 5,800 people attended, and I went to represent Midlands region. I had prepared a presentation with my team on 'God's attribute of As-Sattar (the one who covers weaknesses)' which we had to present in a time limit of 8 minutes.

We were then asked a question on 'How Atonement differs from Islamic beliefs?' We're currently studying theories of the atonement in RS so I immediately answered this question by saying in the bible it states in Matthew 1:25 "she will bear a son, you shall call him Jesus, he will save the people from their sins." Jesus atoned on the cross to save mankind from original sin. This is contrary to Islam as there is no concept of atonement. The judges were really impressed by how knowledgeable my answer was and decided to award me First position. I am extremely happy that I was given this opportunity."

Well done Mashal, we are all proud of your achievement.