On Friday 16 November, ten of our students headed down to the Aquatic Centre in Stratford, London to take part in the ESSA National Finals.

The regional qualification round took place at Thomas Telford School, and out of 30 places nationally, both teams finished first in their heats and the boys qualified 7th place in the freestyle and 8th place in the medley, while the girls qualified 11th place in the freestyle and 21st place in the medley.

The teams they were competing against were made up of international standard swimmers who have access to world-class facilities and expert swimming coaches and strength and conditioning coaches.

On Saturday 16 November, the teams headed down to the pool at 9:30am to have a warm up session and the event started. The girls managed to maintain their 11th place finish in the freestyle event with excellent performances and improved on their 21st place medley qualification by finishing 19th in the country. The boys managed to reach the final in both events maintaining their qualification places overall of 7th place in the freestyle and 8th place in the medley. This is a huge achievement for both teams.

Pete Shelley said, "All students were exemplary in their attitude, effort, teamwork and overall representation of themselves and the college on the day and should be extremely proud of themselves and appreciate what a talented bunch they are."

So a huge congratulations goes to:
Emma Bird
Georgia Lees
Cameron Minifie
Emma Osbourne
Abbie Rowley
Jack Cox
James Cuthbert
Alex Farmer
Ryan Larkin
Jack Simpson

ESSA Swim Team